WEEK 14 / by Caleb Johnson

Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

South Dakota: Home of mountains with faces, hills that are black, and waterfalls. Had to wake up a five in the morning to try and get some photos of Falls Park in downtown Sioux Falls which was definitely worth it. I had the entire place to myself until the early morning runners started showing up which was nice. Found out that when you are talking pictures of water falling onto a bunch of rocks, it only takes a couple minutes to get e pretty wet from all the mist.

Things that are fun: taking pictures of waterfalls.

Things that are not fun: not being able to see through your mist covered glasses while trying to take pictures of waterfalls.


Great Plains Zoo

Definitely didn't spend half an hour in the gift shop afterwards.... What type of adult would do that? On a completely unrelated note; this zoo has an a really great selection of animal pins and magnets if your into that kind of thing.