WEEK 13 / by Caleb Johnson

Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge.

A lot of people go to national parks, some people go to state parks, and a couple people go to national refuges. If you are looking for a new place to go, pull up a map and find the closest state forest or national wildlife refuge and get driving. Most of these places are rarely visited, and have some really great trails. 

Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge is one of these little known places located in central Minnesota. Once you get there, find one of intersections of the North Country Trail, or find one of the smaller looped trails around the area and head out into the wilderness. Tamarac boasts a very friendly Bald Eagle who will follow you for a ridiculously long time while he decides if your dog if a delicious snack or not. This eagle even went out off his way to bluff dive at us while we were in a meadow. Luckily for him, my dog thinks the world is full of rainbows and happiness, so he naturally he used his instincts to do nothing. Overall its a great place to visit, and it even has some abandoned cabins off the trails to explore.