WEEK 15 / by Caleb Johnson

Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

"I have always said I would not have been President had it not been for my experience in North Dakota."  - Theodore Roosevelt

Thats right people, North Dakota can be cool too. I'm pretty sure that this would qualify North Dakota as some sort of major tourist attraction right? Somehow though, I don't think that North Dakota's biggest state revenue is from tourism. On the drive out to TRNP the most exciting thing you will see are large statues of animals located in the small rural towns along the highway. Once you get past the breathtaking views of wheat fields and statues of cows, the Badlands will pop out of nowhere. Its almost like North Dakota felt bad that you had to drive through it, and is rewarding you with a great view for your troubles. 

Backpacking through the Petrified Forest Loop has left me with many life lessons learned. 

  1. Chairs are god's gift to mankind and should never be forgotten.
  2. Don't bring your amazing thrift store sleeping bag with before seeing if it actually works. Maybe also check to see if instead of a sleeping bag, you didn't actually bring two sheets haphazardly sewn together thats pretending to be a sleeping bag. (Looking at you Randy) 
  3. Ticks are a combination of a horror movie and nature and should be exterminated immediately. 
  4. Pants are for winners. Always bring pants.