WEEK 39 / by Caleb Johnson

Hello Jay Cooke

When the forecast calls for sunny skies, make sure you pack for rain. I packed shorts.. and a hammock. The Weather Channel has betrayed me for the last time.

Luckily this poor bastard got the joy of sleeping in the hammock during the rainstorm.


Little does he know it will start pouring on him in a few hours... I was cozy in my tent, like a true champion. 


Another fun fact: When packing a sleeping bag, it should never look like this.

As you can see here, the sleeping bag is roughly 50 times the size of the backpack. This is what Bear Grylls' nightmares are made of. Instead of Man vs. Wild, this weeks episode features Army Paratrooper vs Freakishly Large Sleeping bag. *Spoiler* The sleeping bag wins. At one point the phrase " I think I am going to just leave it behind " was muttered. 



 Also waterproof matches don't work on waterlogged wood. We may or may not have used an entire box of matches to boil 2 cups of water, but you can bet your ass it felt like we just invented the wheel when the water finally boiled. And no, we did not have to burn our map for kindling. That would be stupid..



Dedicated to lil Pilgrim and lil Pioneer.. Rap gods in the making...