WEEK 37 / by Caleb Johnson

The Sheyenne National Grasslands.

The Sheyenne National Grasslands are located a little less than an hour away from Fargo. It is a place where the prairie can give you a sense of scale to what it must have been like back in the day. Small rolling hills are accompanied by patches of trees that dot the landscape. All that, against a skyline that looks like it could stretch out forever.

There are also large roaming gangs of cows. I am calling them gangs because for some reason they were not to happy to see us walking through. Good thing I had my trusty dog at my side... who proceeded to chase butterflies while a cow huffed and puffed along the trail. Just to be clear, that is not hyperbole, he literally was chasing butterflies in a field. Obviously a 10/10 guard dog.