The Backroads

Far enough outside of any big city, there are dirt roads leading to nowhere. If you drive on these long enough you are bound to find something interesting. I may or may not have gotten slightly lost when I found this place, but that is between me and Google maps.

Tucked away somewhere between Hawley and Minneapolis is a river through an abandoned rock quarry. There something resembling a fence running along part of the side, but it looked like it gave up trying to be a fence a long time ago. Past the fence are hills, river runoffs, and a random turkey who follows you around. It was really an odd, old place in the middle of Minnesota that seemed like it was from a different time. Unfortunately, this place exists in the land of no GPS signal, and in an era where paved or named roads, apparently don't exist yet. Hopefully someday I will be able to find it again but I am not to optimistic.

 For people wondering how to find something new when everything around you seems old, pull up google maps, look for a spot of green, and drive in that general direction. Pocahontas was really dropping some knowledge with Just Around the Riverbend. 

Caleb Johnson