The Long Winter.

Minnesotan winters tend to last approximately 13 months of the year. Temperatures drop from a lovely 5 degrees to the mildly cold -40 within hours. Let me tell you, hiking through a 20 degree drop in a day along with wind chill can make someone question many of their life decisions that brought them to that point. However, there are some positives that can come along from an experience like this. For example, I would never have gotten the opportunity to experience what mild hypothermia feels like, or how your hands and arms will stop working while your fingers are stuck in a fist until they can unthaw from the cold. Really makes you appreciate Prometheus and indoor heating.

All in all I did get an opportunity to get a few good photos from along one of the rivers as well as some from places along the way. 


The Last Week

Week 52 of 52 is finally here and gone.  Its been fun keeping up with this project every week for the year. It was really good to have something to work on every week, even with the craziness that was 2017.  Going forward I'll be updating as frequently as I can, but I don't think I be doing the 52 week challenge again in 2018. 

Hopefully taking a longer time between postings will let me start writing a bit more like some of the more in depth posts throughout the year. Anyways, thanks to everyone who has stopped through and viewed the project, its been real.


The Free Stuff.

In the spirit of the Holiday Season, I'm releasing some of my Lightroom Presets completely free for whoever wants them! There is no sign up or anything, I just wanted to give something back to all the people who've followed me from crappy photographs to slightly less crappy photographs. Hope you guys enjoy!!



Leviathan Wakes Book Cover Artboard

Redesign of the James S.A. Corey book cover for Leviathan Wakes. All photos and images used are mine.



Double Exposure 

Used the last week to work on a double exposure image. Should have a few more coming soon. 


Animals in Grades.

Here's a project I have been working on for a while. Hope someone enjoys it. Think of the computer wallpaper possibilities!